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Plastic Surgery and Happiness

You look in the mirror and you think to yourself, could I look any better? You go through different things to change your look, thinking that you can find a way to make yourself feel better. First, you try to change the look of your clothes. Then you try different types of hairstyles. Nothing seems to work, so you look into getting plastic surgery. You go through all the paces. You find a doctor and go through your options and you decide to have the surgery. Will you be happy by having plastic surgery? The choice of plastic surgery is an effective way to improve your looks. It is not a guarantee that you will feel better about yourself. In many cases, it will improve your mood, but not in all cases.

Plastic surgeons will not take on some people as patients.  The reason they choose not to take on these patients is that they take more than one type of antidepressant.  Other people that are not potential clients for plastic surgery are people that have tried to commit suicide.  Doctors will not rule out a person completely that suffer from depression, but it has to be part of the consideration when someone is to have such a medical procedure.

You also have to be careful because some people seem to have an addiction to getting plastic surgery. Although a small percentage of patients seem to need to have many procedures. You may feel that one procedure is not enough, and you need to have more surgeries to fix what you think is wrong. If that is the case, you will need to talk to the surgeon, because plastic surgery will not help make you happy.

Most of the surgeries that are done usually involve things such as liposuction (, fixing wrinkles, or breast augmentation (  People that have those types of procedures are generally positive about their results. The patients have an increased confidence. In some cases, the plastic surgery may have helped with minor bouts of depression, and anxiety. That does not mean it will help people that are extremely depressed, but it may help you feel a little better about yourself.

Getting plastic surgery is not a total answer to helping you feel better about yourself. It may help you start on a path that will build your self-image, but you also have to look at your lifestyle and change things that will maintain the positives in your life.